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Guided Intuitive Soul Care:

The Boundaries Course

With Nikki Eisenhauer
Life Coach and Psychotherapist

It's time to respect yourself, clear chaos, & cultivate peace


Re-engineer everything you know about boundaries, self care, sensitivity, & people pleasing.

Disassemble the shame & guilt monsters to disarm feeling controlled by guilt, fear, & obligation. Let go of the heartache-anger cycles of wishing people will change, to gain more energy, stop emotional exhaustion, & retain energy to heal & thrive. Clarify relational needs & desires, create Simple Scripts for better boundary setting and keeping. Strengthen intuition to reduce anxiety & depression, grow compassion & gratitude.

Experience sensitivity as a superpower that lights a personal wellness path. Learn the difference between needed boundaries and wanted boundaries while repairing & regaining the self esteem and worth it takes to practice healthy boundaries for a lifetime. Feel freer, more grounded, and self assured as a human being. Deeply, truly love your Badass self. 


Course Details

The Boundaries Course includes live video with Nikki, streamable to any computer or mobile device



  • 14 Growth Lessons & Activities

  • 14 Live or on your own time engaging webinars


Centering & Meditative Excercises

  • A Visual Boundary Experience

  • Customizable Communication Script



  • 25 Page optional printable workbook

  • 1 Year Course Access to Revisit as Needed


Immediate access to Nikki's Course: Intuitive Soul Care-91 Actionable Soul Care Strategies, value $50, FREE as a deep-dive gift to support you on the seekers path to wholeness.


Meet Your Teacher

Nikki Eisenhauer is an International Life Coach and Licensed Professional Psychotherapist from New Orleans. She continues building a global healing community on the podcast 'Emotional Badass’, downloaded in over 100 countries and ranked in the top 20 self-help podcasts on iTunes.

She believes in the power of healing, self compassion, personal psychology, spirituality, motivation, and change.

“When we each step up to do our individual healing, through the butterfly effect, we change the world. I believe in the power of my personal healing and I believe in your power to find what you need to live with fullness, peace, connection, and light.”

Light and Love,


Tired of feeling constantly depleted and stressed?

Your goals, hopes, and dreams want you to have the boundaries you deserve so you can embody your own definition of life success. Sign up today to take charge of your life and start the journey to becoming a Boundaries Badass! You'll gain immediate access to the bonus sister course and I'll meet you in The Boundaries Course in October.


I got far more out of this course than I expected. My favorite part was the "real time" aspect of the lessons over the weeks and webinars. My understanding of boundaries is far better than it was. The benefits of building boundaries that are entirely under my control and account for what I will and will not do is a huge improvement than what I was doing a month ago. Thank you so much, Nikki!

-Participant of the 2018 Boundaries Course


This tool is Nikki Eisenhauer gold!! This is how the empowered person gets made! Thanks, Nikki! In my therapy work right now, I have one job and that is to “re-associate” as I go about my day (as in the opposite of dissociate), and this tool is right on the money for this.

-Participant of the 2018 Boundaries Course


The webinars really blew me away and if I am honest was the reason I felt able to participate in the discussions with others. When the course started, I was very curious about how you'd do this whole thing. I'm soooo glad I attended the webinars live. It was great to actually communicate with you and you responded. I watched people safely talk to you and you handle communicating back and that energy took off.

-Participant of the 2018 Boundaries Course